Xyvid Minute

(due to a scheduling conflict, the original date of 10/21/2016 at 11:00 AM EST is being moved). Can’t wait for the webinar? Register now and spend just 30 minutes with us to see this exciting new offering by private appointment.

Join us for an informative presentation on the next generation of web broadcasting with engagement tools. Engagement tools are the brand new way for your viewers to engage and retain the important information in your web presentations. Our founder and CEO, Dave Kovalcik, will present a detailed, educational presentation that addresses the biggest issue in today’s web broadcasting space; attention and retention. With our exclusive engagement tools your audience will participate, interact and ultimately receive a better professional experience. And with extensive “engagement score” reporting on each participant, calculating ROI on your events was never easier. Spend just 30 minutes to see the next generation of our exciting new offering.

Dave Kovalcik | CEO, Xyvid

An accomplished entrepreneur in the Great Philadelphia Area, Dave Kovalcik has distinguished himself as an innovator for the past 25 years with a talent to gauge and predict the technology enabling him to continuously evolve his companies in the tech, event and pharmaceutical industries.

Over the last few years, Mr. Kovalcik has gauged the track of technology and grown his webcasting branch in his latest independent business endeavor, Xyvid Inc. Broadcasting high-resolution video and slides over the internet, this organization helps Fortune 1000 companies deliver their message. Through interactivity, HD-quality and uncompromising service, Xyvid effectively markets, educates and communicates globally to client targets.

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